Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Episode 76 - In Which I Ramble

On the Needles
Baby Mine
Evenstar sample
Mom's Shipwreck
Cattywampus Hearts
Round the Twist socks

Various & Sundry
Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber
-Artfire and Etsy shops
-Bonus for viewers!
-10% off one item from either one of the shops
-coupon code is roundthetwist
-good for 30 days from January 20th

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  1. Another great episode, and two cakes from Three Ewes Cakes are coming to me in Norway. Yay!

  2. LOVE the shipwrecked! And I don't know about others but I can totally see the various colors in the yarn. So pretty. I think you mom will love it!

    Also loving the 3 Ewe's yarn! You totally deserved a treat after a rough few weeks at work with the crazies!

    Have a great week!