Saturday, January 8, 2011

Episode 73 - Let the New Year Begin!

On the Needles
Baby Mine
Evenstar sample

Soon-to-Be On the Needles
Mom's Shipwreck
Breaking Hearts socks

FO of the Week
Devon socks
-New KAL pattern will be announced at the end of January

Various & Sundry
Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Rockin' Sock Club 2011

Camp KIP!

Knitted Christmas presents!
-Felted Clogs
-Juno Regina in True Blood Red

My 2010 Knitting Review
-I knit 13,914 yards in 2010, roughly 7.9 miles worth of completed projects

Goals/guidelines for 2011
-Knit at least 8 miles of yarn
-Complete the Kauni cardigan and Aztec Mazes sweater
-Finish processing Millie's fleece, spin it, and knit the resulting yarn into the Traveling be my Rhinebeck sweater this year.

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  1. OH you're Devon socks are SO pretty!!!! Love the yarn choice and the pattern came out sooo nice. FYI - my feet are a size 11 ::wink wink::

    Excited to see all your progress in the new year, as well as watching you reach and SURPASS your goal of 8 miles! :)

  2. I love the scarf your mom made you and it DOES look really different from the True Blood in Wubu! I can't wait for more knitting and spinning and goodluck with your goals! You've inspired me to make some of my owna nd try to see if I can stick with them!