Thursday, January 20, 2011

Episode 75 - Lots to Say

On the Needles
Baby Mine
Evenstar sample
Mom's Shipwreck
Cattywampus Hearts

Various & Sundry
No spinning this week!

Queensland Flood Relief auction
-My friend, Stephanie (maker of the great bags at BusyMind Designs), is hosting an auction on her blog to benefit the regions of Australia hit by the recent flooding.
Auction Rules
-Stitchmarker set #1
-Wollmeise Twin in Tutu
-Sunny Day Paisley bag from BusyMindDesigns
-Stitchmarker set #2 from Husky Creations

Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber
-Artfire and Etsy shops
-Bonus for viewers!
-10% off one item from either one of the shops
-coupon code is roundthetwist
-good for 30 days from January 20th
-Hi Paul!

I did not purchase Iris the Gourmet Monster from Danger Crafts thanks to a paypal issue. They saved me from myself and my yarn diet is intact!

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  1. This show was a great way to wake up in the morning. Thanks for taking the time to make the show, as a new knitter I find your work very inspiring. I also want to move in to your craft room until I can have one of my own. :)

  2. We're in the middle of a rain/sleet/snow storm here in Maryland. I am watching your podcast and knitting to keep sane. I also bought a cake of Ewe Look Great in Stripes in the Enchanted colorway from Artfire. Facing a lot of blah grey and white here, so will definitely need something colorful soon, especially since I'm currently working on big brown socks for my stepdad. Sigh.