Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Episode 64 - A Bit Rambly

On the Needles
True Blood "Red" clapotis
Kauni cardigan

FO of the Week
Spooky socks

On the Wheel
Textiles a Mano sparkle batts 90/10 merino/firestar
-It looks like a zombie ate a sparkly vampire's brain

Millie's Fleece
-Trying to get the flick-carding done before the weekend so that the last bit can be drum-carded.

Various & Sundry
The Little Box of Socks
Christmas countdown!


  1. I absolutely love the spooky socks! So pretty! =)

  2. How much overlap is there between the Sensational Knitted Socks books and the Little Box of Socks? I love the setup of those patterns, just don't want a lot of duplicate patterns...

  3. I'm in love with the Spooky socks, love love love!! Also- the Eunice socks look really nice all knit up, I'm kind of bumming I didn't join in that KAL now... oh well, I'm looking forward to the next Cookie A sock announcement :-)

  4. Carin,

    I was hoping to finish my Eunice socks, which I started in June 2009 (right before my daughter was born), before you finished your pair, but job/classes/baby (and trying to remember where in the pattern I stopped and ripping out several rows twice to fix mistakes) have conspired to keep me from finishing. I'm at the toe decreases on the second sock, so I should have them done in time for Christmas.

    As for the KAL, have you seen Cookie's new book? There's a group on Rav that is going to start knitting through that one in January, I think. Between the two, I should have enough Cookie patterns for a couple of years of sock knitting.

    Also, I noticed that you knit Eunice in 100% merino. The only two pairs of socks I've ever knit out of 100% merino developed holes after a few wearings, and I knit them on size 1s. How do you keep your 100% merino socks from wearing out? I'm debating whether I should try to darn them or just rip them out and use the yarn for baby knitting, instead.

  5. I have the Little Box of Sox too and I love that Roman Rib pattern. I've knit it two or three times, it works great for varigated yarns.
    Also I love the heel in it, and had just earlier last week mentioned it on a knitgrllls thread. No heel flap and no picking up stitches!

  6. Actually, Kate Gilbert prefers the purl side of the Clapotis. I think it was mentioned on Cast-off (possibly Knitcast) and ever since I heard that I wear mine purl side out. It actually does look more like waves that way. Just my 2¢ :o)