Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Episode 63 - The Chatty One

Wow...that is a really bad screencap that blip selected. Might even be worse than some of the ones youtube did!

On the Needles
Kauni cardigan
Spooky socks

On the Wheel
Dyeabolical Yarns 75/25 BFL/tussah silk
-~562 yards, 24 WPI
-Singles were spun 27.5:1, then plied 19:1

Thanks to everyone who voted for what I should spin next!
-Textiles a Mano sparkle batts 90/10 merino/firestar is next up on the wheel!

FO of the Week
Fetching mitts

Various & Sundry
Twisted Limone
Wollmeise Lace
3AM Enchantments (still available at The Loopy Ewe)
WPI tool and yarn meter from Nancy's Knit Knacks


  1. Another great ep, I am very grateful that you are still willing to part with the hand spun because its fantastic, I am already trying to think of all the great projects I could do with it. With my b-day on the 1st, its the perfect thing to get as a contest prize because its extra special :)

  2. I totally love this new format.

  3. I wonder if there is a gallery of unfortunate screencaps? Could be fun.

  4. What happened to your Clapotis? I was looking forward to seeing your progress as I am knitting one and have just reached the first dropped stitch! Bring back the Clapotis!!!

  5. Gina, I've been distracted by other stuff and the Clapotis hasn't been worked on. It'll be back, don't worry!

  6. third try here to leave a comment -- computer not happy this morning! Yay for you on itunes and your new format -- good luck with all that.

    Love the finished craft room and tidy-up -- hard to keep it like that (ask me how I know LOL). I had a great moment of suspense when you were talking about how many skeins of sock yarn you have ... I wondered if you were going to admit it ... and you did ROFL. Now perhaps we all should?

    anyway, thanks for a weekly "lift" to tune in here!