Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Episode 62 - Big News!

On the Needles
Stained Glass blanket
Kauni cardigan
Sarah's Christmas present

On the Wheel
Dyeabolical Yarns 75/25 BFL/tussah silk
-Done spinning the singles! Plying will commence tomorrow!
-What should I spin next?
-Yarn Love 100% superwash merino in Sock Star
-Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino in She's Like a Rainbow
-Textiles a Mano sparkle batts 90/10 merino/firestar

Various & Sundry
The craft room is complete!
-A few small details left to do (like curtains), but we're recording from the completed room.

We're moving!
-Hosting for the show is moving from YouTube to Shows will still be embedded on the blog (with a short ad at the beginning to offset costs), or available via iTunes (FINALLY!). According to the email I received from the Apple people, you should wait a couple of days before searching for the show on iTunes.

Yarn Buying Moratorium
-I'm announcing it here and hoping that you all will hold me accountable. I will purchase no fibery goodness until October 16, 2011 after Rhinebeck.
-Exceptions include: yarn needed for gifts, Estes Park Wool Market, Sock Summit, and Rhinebeck itself.


  1. Love love love the quality of the blip tv videocast. I vote for the pink and green sparkly fiber from Estes.

  2. The room looks great. I like the qualilty of the videocast on blip too. I vote for the pink and green sparkly fiber.

    Stash spinning and knitting is my current endeavor as well. Hopefully, I can get to Rhinebeck next year, too. :)

  3. iTunes, iTunes, iTunes!
    Great show, love the new format at blip tv.
    My vote is for sparkly, because we all need some sparkles.

  4. im loving the move to blip tv. i watch your videos on my google reader from your blog. this makes fore less interruptions of my knitting while i am watching your show so its all good for me.

    also, i for "she's like a rainbow" for your spinning. its really pretty and i want to see what it knits up like

  5. Love the room! Love the move to Blip! Hoping this will encourage longer podcasts! And I vote for the sparkly too....but that stuff from Crown Mountain Farms is GORGEOUS! So that would be my second choice!!

  6. Voting for the CMF as well.

    Thanks for counting the sock yarn! I'm gonna make my husband watch the craft room tour so he will stop complaining about my measly two rubbermaid bins of yarn :)

  7. You're going to Rhinebeck?!?! Sooo jealous! Just you or is your mom going? Love the craft room! Looks great! And, I think Grant has a little crush on you :) He wanted up and sat on my lap and watched the podcast for almost half of it. Let me tell ya, getting a 15 mo. old to sit still for that long? Impossible!

  8. You're new craft room is perfect. I may have to do something similar myself. My vote for spinning is the sparkly. It has just a little something extra. I hope the blip move is easier for you. This must be a bit of work and the easier the better.

  9. Hurray for Blip! :) Love the framed prints and you look so comfy in your new "studio"!

    I vote for "She's Like a Rainbow". I too am about to spin some Crown Mtn from the votes on our Videocast, so I'd love a spinning buddy! ;) Spin-along?

  10. Hurray for the new format. Are you going to Rhinebeck? My vote is for Textiles a Mano sparkle batts.

  11. Love the new room! I vote for the Yarn Love, the colors are fantastic.

    I'm totally with you on the moratorium. Maybe we should have a stashdownalong.

  12. I just gave you 5 stars on iTunes! Also, I LOVE the wall of prints!

  13. Well done on converting to Blip, it's looking good.

    Good luck with the yarn diet too, I'm nearly half way thru my year of no yarn-buying and I'm loving working the stash and getting to projects that have always been bumped by the 'new and shiny'. I've been existing on a sock club bought the year before, a yarn trade (technical loop hole exploited as I bought yarn, but not for the stash), and have been lucky enough to have been gifted yarn from friends and win a magazine give-away! I like to think the knitting gods provide. Stay strong - you have plenty of inspiration in your lovely new craft room.

    ps I like the 'She's like a rainbow colourway' - gorgeous.

  14. The craft room really looks great!! I vote for the Crown Mountain Farms. (also, yay for blip!!)
    I'm still planning to join the sweater KAL but it'll be after Socktober. You're making great progress on your Kauni sweater!

  15. Another vote for sparkly. When you feel the urge to treat yourself to something new and shiny, immerse yourself in the great success of your craft room and what a good steward of the yarn you are being.Love the prints ( remember them being mentioned years ago) and love the arrangement.
    Consider adding "Daniel Daronda" to your steamy men movies.

  16. YaRN lOVE YArN LovE yaRn lOvE Does that count as three?

  17. I agree with everyone else. Your craft room is beautiful! I am also trying (being the key word) to work only from the never-ending stash. However..... (do not read further if you can be easily persuaded by an enabler).... we, your followers, gain inspiration from the beautiful yarns and fibers that we now can see behind you as you podcast. If you indeed only work from the stash, we will begin to see less and less of what makes us tick. Therefore, I vote that as you use up your yarns and fibers, you should IMMEDIATELY replace them so that we, the viewers, and you as well (might I add) can always look into that beautiful craft room and smile at the abundance of fibery goodness. ;0)

    As for your spinning, I vote for the Textiles a Mano sparkle batt.

  18. I mute at the start but after that all is fine!

    I vote for the Estes fiber!

  19. YAY! Glad you've moved to blip. i've been catching up on Knitgirllls and when I got to the episode where they switched I wondered why you hadn't too hehe.
    Very good job dedicating yourself to the yarn diet. I've been trying to be good but I find when I don't spend money on yarn I just buy other things I still don't need :( Good luck!

  20. sparkle would be nice to see spoun. Great job on the craft room, looks great. Look forward to moving forward to itunes. thanks for your great videos

  21. The '95 version of Persuasion is better than the 2007 version, hands down. And there's an old black-and-white version of P&P with Greer Garson as Lizzie and Laurence Olivier as Darcy. It's a fun version.

  22. Love the room. Also love the quality of blip. And another vote for sparkles.

    I'm very jealous of your movie marathon. That sounds great!

  23. Welcome to the world of yarn dieting, but don't forget about gift certificates. They should be used for enhancing the stash if someone gifted it to you :)

  24. Your craft room looks great. I love the shelves. I have been on a yarn diet for awhile now. I refuse to buy more yarn, until I have more finished objects. Blip was a good choice♥

  25. I'd like to see you spin the Textiles a Manos batts because I have never spun anything with firestar, and would like to know the trials and what works best for it as you spin. Besides....SPARKLES!!!!!

  26. Yea! You are on itunes- now I take you with me everywhere :-) It might be because you were on the webcam but the sound was a little like you were in the bathroom???
    Oh and I have someone near me who processes fleece- prices are listed online since I have only been spinning for a month :-) (can you saw addiction!) I haven't bought a fleece yet. Are those prices competitive?
    OOPs almost forgot - sparklies has my vote.