Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Episode 60 - Painting Progress

On the Needles
True Blood "Red" Clapotis
Stained Glass blanket
Kauni cardigan
Sarah's Christmas present

On the Wheel
Dyeabolical Yarns 75/25 BFL/tussah silk
-spinning a 2-ply to donate to Phire Angel's Pakistan Flooding fundraiser

Various & Sundry
The craft room re-do continues!
-Putting a second coat of paint on the walls tonight.
-Shipping from Ikea is ridiculous!
-Ordered bookshelves from Home Decorators Collection instead and they're arriving Thursday.


  1. Thanks for stopping to post your videocast. Renovation is one of the most stressful life events and rates only below losing a spouse. Hang in there, you're doing it for good.

  2. You are making great progress! Cannot wait to see which shelves you chose. Thanks for sharing the source, I am now drooling over my storage options!

    Love you painting attire as well! Were you in color guard?!

  3. I think my favorite this episode is Sarah's socks. They look fantastic in that colorway.

  4. I know I'm really late in watching this episode - I just found your blog and am catching up on old eps. Love them btw!

    But I love that you said "slap a paint of coat on the walls". I had to listen a second time to make sure I heard it right.