Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Episode 67 - Happy (Sick) Thanksgiving!

On the Needles
Dad's Christmas present
Mom's Christmas present

On the Wheel
No spinning this week...again.

Various & Sundry
I might actually make it!
-I need to figure out what knitting I'm going to take home this weekend. Any suggestions?

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  1. Feel better asap! I hope your weekend home is enjoyable and that you find something great to knit on, when around your parents. I am all for simple work horse yarn stockinette socks.

    The cold is spreading around the US like crazy, I have a sick brother coughing up a storm and a mother that is in denial that she is getting better, week after week.

  2. Nasty. Hope you feel better really soon. Make yourself some fresh ginger tea with lots of honey and lemon - it really helps.


  3. You poor thing!! I hope you feel better soon!!

  4. Sorry you got sick, I find the Cold-Eeez works well if you catch it immediately. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    For your trip, how about another pair of those felted slippers you were going to make?

  5. I'm so sorry you're ill! Get better soon. I think you did plenty of knitting considering everything.

  6. Sorry you're feeling awful. Turkey soup is as good as chicken soup for healing goodness. Thanks to Phoebe for giving you comfort that we wish we could. Awfully nice of you to post anyway.

  7. I hope you're feeling better by now! Perhaps Thanksgiving dinner made it all better. :)