Thursday, November 11, 2010

Episode 65 - The Truth Shall Make You Panic

On the Needles
True Blood "Red" clapotis
Kauni cardigan

On the Wheel
Textiles a Mano sparkle batts 90/10 merino/firestar
-I have done no spinning this week
Millie's Fleece
-Sing it with me! This is the fleece that never ends...yes, it goes on and on my friend...some people started flicking it, not knowing what it was...and they'll continue flicking it forever just because...this is the fleece that never ends...

Various & Sundry
43 days 'til Christmas!
-The Christmas knitting hasn't really been started. I need a swift kick in the butt to get going.
The Little Box of Socks
Sensational Knitted Socks

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  1. Hi Carin,

    I always look and enjoy this show a lot. What I was thinking about the clapotis, since you don't like this color much and want a red one?? Why not dye it?? I guess that would be great, the right color and you don't have to knit another one next year ;o) Just a brainwave from me.

    Christmas knitting. Well I would do so if I think there would be persons who would appreciate my knitting but they don't so I won't do it. I'm going to knit for myself instead and that has not to be done for christmas IMHO. It would be great to knit on it during christmas don't you think? It will be a shawl but I don't know yet what shawl it's going to be, laceweight that's for sure.

    Have a great week and regards from across the big pond (netherlands) :o)

  2. Hi Carin

    I really enjoyed this week's show - especially seeing how much work you managed to get done on the Clapotis. I suspect overdying probably wouldn't go anywhere since the reason it is so pale is probably the bamboo and there isn't much you can do about that...however, could you gift it for Christmas? If you don't love the colour *and* you are worrying about all the knitting you need to get done, would someone else like it more than you?

    I am fairly close to being done with my Christmas knitting but only because I can't bear to knit to deadlines and I knit a lot for Christmas - 7 pairs of socks, a pair of gloves and a shawl.

    But I do share your love of Dr Who. I watched it first when I was 6 (a very long time ago now) and still collect and watch all the classic episodes on DVD. Being a brit it is very easy to indulge my love since it is practically a national pastime here, and I do feel for people overseas who don't have such ready access. Next series is looking amazing with lots of River Song and an episode written by Neil Gaiman!

  3. You DO need a red scarf. I bet you have something in the gorgeous stash cabinets though. :D Hey...does your friend that makes the bag have her etsy store up? Link?

    I loved your sock book review. I think it sounds like a fabulous book and it's going on my cmas list now!

    Cmas knitting...uh...uuuuhh....I don't wanna talk about it. :P

  4. Lambchop's Play-Along! I used to LOVE that show! :D And I'm only knitting one Christmas present, a Gryffindor scarf for my little sister - thankfully she's short, so it's a short scarf lol. I don't even have the yarn yet, so let's not talk about progress.

  5. Hi Carin!

    Love the show, but always do :)

    I have ONE Christmas gift to knit this year (although I think it's turning into a B-day gift as the person I'm knitting it for - best friend- has her birthday on New years Eve, and I'm on call that weekend and NOT allowed to knit while at work :( The lovely joys of working for a CBRF. I need to order more yarn for Jen's gift though. Think I'll knit my daughter something for her birthday but I have time on that as her birthday is a month AFTER Christmas.

  6. If you knit bright socks for your dad, could we call them hunting socks? I grew up with Sheri Lewis, too, but I'm much older than you. She is one of our cherished Canadians, but I was yelling at the screen for you not to mention that song. It's still in my head.
    Love the chatty comments from your listeners.

  7. With Christmas knitting I swing from one extreme to another. 2 years ago I took on way too much (it was only my second holiday as a knitter) and it was very stressful to try and complete everything (which of course I didn't -- I think my latest one was finally completed in May) so last year I knit for no one . This year I thought I'd hit a happy medium. I was almost done with a shawl for my mother and wanted to knit her mittens. Then she mentioned that she wished she could find something that wouldn't give her hat head and I thought a hooded scarf or cowl. Okay, still reasonable. Then a brand new baby enters the picture. So I'm knitting a blanket and a fair isle hat for him. Then I was looking through the recently released book, More Last minute Knitted Gifts and saw a scarf that was gorgeous and I knew I had the perfect yarn in my stash to make it for my goddaughter. So I went from 2 projects to 6. And 3 of them need to be done in time to be shipped. I have made a list of what i need to accomplish on each project each day in order to get things done. Fortunately watching your older podcasts helped rev up my knitting mojo and I got a lot of knitting watching your show and The Knitgirllls. But I'm caught up now. What ever shall I do? Keep Calm and Knit On.

  8. Thanks, Carin! Yes, you answered the question :) I appreciate the feedback- I'm a big fan of workbook-type instructions, and I'd rather improvise out of the book in any case.

    Christmas knitting? 2 pairs of socks and a set of fingerless mitts done, one more pair of socks to go. Being unemployed gave me a lot of time to work ahead, thank goodness.