Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Episode 118 - With Her Trusty Sidekick

On the Needles
Epic Brown Blanket
I Need a Win sweater
Swap Snowflakes

On the Wheel
Mom's Christmas present

Various & Sundry
Merry Christmas to me!
-My new Sidekick wheel arrived!!

Slowing up on the sock knitting
-My sock drawer runneth over with 40+ pairs in current wearing rotation

SSK News!
-The first SSK KAL featuring Wendy Johnson's designs is finished!
-Our next KAL will feature Kirsten Kapur

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  1. holy cow that's a LOT of socks!!! wow!!! It was so great of you to share!!!

  2. Have you watched the Stargate SG-1 movies? I think there are two and come after the last season.

  3. This was an awesome episode - love all your socks and the expression on your face with your puppy scents was priceless - love it!

  4. Just wonderful episode! I found your blog not long ago and totally loved it! Still haven't watched all videos but I am sure I will watch all of them in a short time:-)
    Your collection of hand knit socks is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the show, and man - you have lots o'socks! Congrats on the 3rd wheel. He looks like a Seymour to me.... yes I said HE. :-)