Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Episode 117 - Goals Met...Almost

On the Needles
Epic Brown Blanket
I Need a Win sweater
Mawata Mittens

On the Wheel
-I show how I pull the carded batts into thinner strips, then wind them into a ball.

Bullseye Bump from Loop
-Orbit colorway -> 3.1 oz of merino, corriedale, angelina
-spun on Bee, navajo-plied on Lendrum
-267 yards, 20 WPI, heavy fingering weight

Various & Sundry
-My only goal I didn't finish was to start spinning Mom's Christmas present

-Thanks for the coffee flavor suggestions!

-Loop Bullseye Bump Club
-My first shipment arrived! Driftwood (merino, nylon, angelina) 5.2 oz

-SSK stuff
-Next payment of $225 is due December 15!

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  1. Carin,
    Thanks for showing how you predraft your fiber. I am going to auction soon and will be bidding on an antique wheel. It will be my first. Would love to see how you spin and ply some time.
    thanks again
    Possible newbie spinner

  2. Love the show.. maybe i am behind .. but what cowl/scarf are you wearing ?