Thursday, June 30, 2011

Episode 98 - Headache Delay

On the Needles
Mom's Shipwreck

On the Wheel
Dicentra Designs 80/20 merino/silk in Lake Town
-spinning on my modular spindle from KCL Woodworks
-had fun freaking out the muggles in the Memphis airport

Dubinsky Originals merino
-spinning on the Bee at 27.5:1
-not sure if I'll 3-ply or Navajo-ply this

FOs of the Week!
My Wish
-Donatation information on Lynn's blog
-This shawl will be one of the prizes in the drawing!


Various & Sundry
A visit to the Knitgirllls!

Latest shipment from 3 Ewes Twisted in Fiber

BMFA mottling problem in STR lightweight

Sock Summit in less than a month!
-Baby shower
-Flash mob

Sock Innovation KAL continues!
-our next pattern is Rick

Next week's show?
-I either have to record early (on Monday, July 4) or late (on Friday, July 8). Which would you prefer?

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  1. I think Friday would be great.

  2. I agree with Tam. But whatever works best for you and your schedule, Karen.

  3. I say do what feels best to you, but I think waiting until Friday would be fine.

  4. Hi Carin, new watcher here. I saw you on the Knit Girllls, so I thought I'd check out your videos. :)

    I think Friday would be better because you'll have more to show, and it gives you more time to get ready.

  5. I say Friday. Enjoy your July 4th!

    Also, I wanted to warn you about doing henna then dying your hair with the usual chemicals. I have done both, and I have been warned this as well: make sure there is plenty of time for the henna to be out of your hair before doing the usual chemical dye. If you do both in quick succession the chemical dye will not be the same with the henna. Also it will kill your hair. Henna (especially Lush' them!) is good for your hair but mix it with chemicals it is bad. So, just a warning. :)

  6. Friday - you need the days off without worrying about recording.

  7. Give yourself a break and record on Friday! Happy 4th!