Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Episode 97 - An Undisclosed Location

On the Needles
My Wish test knit
-Lynn's blog where all the cool stuff for the Make a Wish donation info will be!

On the Wheel
Dicentra Designs 80/20 merino/tussah silk in Lake Town
-Using my new modular drop spindle from KCL Woods

Various & Sundry
1000 members on the Ravelry group!

I'm at an undisclosed location for a week-long vacation! Can you guess where?

Come join the group on Ravelry, leave a comment or star rating on iTunes, find the shownotes on the blog, or get updates on Plurk!


  1. I swear it sounded like Laura and Leslie in your studio audience, but I could be wrong. Hope you have a great vacation! : )

  2. Yeah, you are most definitely visiting the KnitGirllls. Awesome! Enjoy your vacation.

  3. I agree! I swear, you have to be with Laura and Leslie...I know those voices anywhere!

  4. Yep, Leslie's voice and Laura's laugh are hard not to recognize! Have a great time. :)

  5. well when you were asking about the ravelry group member number, it sounded like you said leslie is checking, but yeah, your with leslie and laura :)