Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 92 - One More Thing...

On the Needles
Lacy Sock Star Baktus
Mom's Shipwreck
I Don't Know...It's a Mystery
-Kypria is available in *very* limited quantities, but has basically been discontinued. Grab it while you can!

On the Wheel
No actual spinning this week. I'm trying to decide what to spin on Beatrice (my Spinolution Bee) while I'm spinning Millie on Grace (my Lendrum).

Various & Sundry
New WendyKnits circular shawl pattern
-Tidepool Spiral Shawl

Signature Needle Arts circulars
-US 9 (5.5 mm) is now available in circulars!

The Knitgirllls Stash Dash
-May 27-August 15
-5 kilometers (5,460 yards) of stash
-Use current WiPs, UFOs, knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning
-Can count yardage if you spin something, then count it again if you knit/crochet/weave with it as well

Events I'll be attending...Find me and say hi!
-Estes Park Wool Market
-Sock Summit

Come join the group on Ravelry, leave a comment or star rating on iTunes, find the shownotes on the blog, or get updates on Plurk!


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  2. I think you should spin the Shangri La from The Dyeing Arts from way back in Episode 19. I think the nice sunny colours would be a nice change from the grey

  3. I second the Dyeing Arts vote. The colors certainly are the opposite of grey.

  4. Check out this discussion on Ravelry. Your name was mentioned on Plurk as a perfect candidate for our challenge. Are you up for it?

  5. Quick question: where is the Doctor Who bag from? I love it and NEED it! ;o)