Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Episode 30 - Month O' Socks

On the Needles
-Aztec Mazes
-by Anne Hanson
-Just barely into the main body of the sweater
-Being set aside to make way for the Month O' Socks
-Month O' Socks
-An idea of Kara' focus on knitting socks for a month
-Goals include:
-Kitri sock #2 will be done by next week
-Socks for Sarah will be done by the end of the month
-New socks!
-Jabberwocky socks
-Started on Monday, March 8. Already working on the gusset of the first sock.
-Hermione Everyday socks by Erica Lueder (free Ravelry download) (link to pattern on blog)
-STR lightweight in Jabberwocky
-US 2 (2.75 mm)

On the Wheel
-No spinning has happened at all the week

FO of the Week
-Pink Work socks
-plain stockinette socks, 20 rows of 1x1 ribbing, 72 stitches on US 1 (2.25 mm)
-Trekking XXL in color 53

And because someone will ask....the shawl I'm wearing is the Magic Shawl by Knitting Fairy.


  1. Do we hear month o'socks going viral? Nothing could please me more! It has been an exceedingly good month already. I love that we have people who have never knit socks doing so. We have people reading charts and knitting lace socks that have never done so before. Those of us more experienced sock knitters are helping out and then trying something new ourselves. What a great way to end winter!

    I cannot wait to see those kitri socks complete. They are so beautiful.

  2. Although I'm just hearing about month of socks now, I'm going to focus on just socks for the rest of the month and maybe the first 2 weeks of April. I did just complete a pair, but won't count those as they were finished before I heard about month of socks. But I will seriously give me a chance to finish some UFO's. One is a half finished monkey socks, I finishhd the first sock more than a year ago and a pair of half done through the loops mystery socks, unfished since October. Yikes! I'd better get knitting.