Thursday, February 16, 2012

Episode 128 - 98.5%

On the Needles
Strange Moon
Ashley's Tulip

On the Wheel
-I've hit the black hole while spinning the third bobbin. I just keep spinning and spinning and it doesn't fill up!

Tempted cashmere blend
-Started drafting. Planning on a 2-ply.

Various & Sundry
-Ripping out the Rick socks
-Undead bunny slippers and notions pouch
-Thanks for all the support while I was sick!

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  1. Yep you can still get a kit for the Tulip. Coldwater Yarns sells them.

  2. I thought your Rick socks were pretty cute but hey, if they don't make you happy, the ripping will do, hi hi... The little Ashley's Tulip is such a cuteness! Weaving in ends is a ... hum hum! But it will be so cute, LOL! You look so much better! Sometimes we must listen to our body and rest ;-) Happy Friday AND weekend!

  3. Another good podcast. I'm glad you are feeling better.