Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode 81 - Drowning the Cold

On the Needles
Baby Mine
Cattywampus Hearts
Round the Twist socks

On the Wheel
Yarn Love
-100% superwash merino roving in Sock Star (stash from Sock Summit '09)

Various & Sundry
Estes Park Wool Market -Currently I can't go, but there is hope that I can get some co-workers to switch shifts with me. Keep holding out hope!

I'm wearing my Citron shawl this week, complete with a shawl pin from nicholasandfelice.

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  1. Oh that Baby Mine sweater is adorable!!
    I hope you are able to fight off the cold.
    Just regular socks are enough of a challenge for me at this point but maybe someday I'll try the afterthought heel. :)

  2. I haz a sad too. I was really looking forward to trying to meet you at Estes. I have my fingers crossed that you will still be able to attend.
    I hope you are feeling better soon.

  3. Sock Star still reminds me of Rainbow Brite it makes me happy to see you working on it.

    Baby sweater is adorable. I've been holding off purchasing it because I have no pregnant friends, and I'm not having kids soon.

  4. Lovely job on the baby sweater! Hopes Estes works out for you! <3

  5. Did you finish the Shipwreck shawl for your Mom? I hope that she is enjoying it to no end.

  6. Kathy, the shipwreck is not finished. I just haven't worked on it so I don't show it since there's no progress to show!

  7. Hey C! Sorry that you can't make it to Estes - hope that ends up working out for you! LOVE the Baby Mine sweater and I'm sure your friend will love it as much as we loved the Baby Yours. :) Remember that Grant was 6 weeks early, and although he had lung issues at first, he's healthy as a little horse now! And about big as one, too! Hope the weather gets nice soon so I can up there for knit night!! Yay spring!