Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Episode 84 - The Mystery Deepens

On the Needles
Carnival! socks

FO of the Week
Cattywampus Hearts

On the Wheel
Yarn Love
-100% superwash merino roving in Sock Star (stash from Sock Summit '09)

Various & Sundry
Added episodes 33-40 to blip and iTunes. Enjoy!

Still don't know if I'll be attending Estes in June. I spoke to two co-workers about trading and they're supposed to get back to me this Thursday.

Got a mysterious email from Signature Needle Arts with a shipping notification in it. Don't know what's coming to me since I didn't order anything. Hopefully the mystery will be revealed on next week's show!

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  1. The mystery I am most interested in is that of the wheel. I am really hoping you don't have to do wheel surgery again.

  2. You could always string us along until Rhinebeck!

  3. So glad to be able to get 33-40 on itunes now. Thank You!

  4. Sarah! Stop it! Don't give her any spiteful ideas. Or I'll just have to knit the darn book on my own.

  5. I have discovered (due to crappy wireless router) that if I fast forward by dragging the bar at the bottom of the screen, you make the best facial expressions! :D

  6. I just tried my wheel and it seems to be fine. No rubbing sound. My only guess it was shimmying across the hardwood floor and that's what I heard.