Thursday, December 2, 2010

Episode 68 - Human Again

On the Needles
Dad's Christmas present
Mom's Christmas present
Stained Glass blanket

On the Wheel
Textiles a Mano sparkle batts 90/10 merino/firestar
-First 1/4 done! It's much easier to power through in dim light where I can't see the sparkles.

Various & Sundry
22 days left!
Busy Mind Designs
-More bags will be up later this week!
The Knitted Geek yarns
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  1. Owl bag is so cute!!! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. It's a whole new world once you're feeling better, isn't it?

    That said, life is too short to spin fiber you hate and knit with yarn you don't love. Gift the sparkle bats to someone likes that sort of thing and free yourself up to spin something that YOU LOVE!! Okay, hopping off my soapbox so I can get back to my Christmas knitting ;-)

  3. I think you worry about the noise more than we do ;-)

    For some reason it's hard for me to see the ick in the sparkle fiber you're spinning. To me it looks like the yarn perfectly matches your coloring, like your hair and mouth. Must just be the screen, I guess. But seriously, every time you hold the bat up to the camera, I think: "wow, that's such a great colorway for her!" I swear I'm not colorblind!

    Hope the good health and productive knitting continues. Catch you next time :-)

  4. I have been absent from listening for almost a year...time to catch up! :-) Love your podcasts.