Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Episode 48 - Pile o' Stuff

On the Needles
-One done!, but slightly too small
-Haven't started the second one yet

Green Phase socks
-On the toe decreases, but should be done tonight

Log Cabin baby blanket
-Using Knitpicks' New Traditions baby blanket kit with Comfy Sport
-Should I keep the colors seperated (2 colors per wedge) or rotate the colors as I move away from the center? Please weigh in!

-Got a few more done as I finished season 3 of Burn Notice

On the Wheel
Crown Mountain Farms superwash merino in Blue Suede Shoes
-color isn't available any more
-4 oz. spun at 27.5:1 ratio on Beatrice
-~18 wpi and 585 yards

Millie's Fleece
-Still flickcarding! The box of fleece must have a black hole at the bottom of it because the fleece level doesn't seem to be going down.
-Going to have Dad do more drumcarding this weekend

Enchanted Knoll Farms superwash merino in Sedona
-trade with Kara
-This is next up on the wheel

Various & Sundry

The Loopy Ewe rocks!
-Had my order within a day and a half!

-My Vesper socks bled when I handwashed them! Colorway was Starfighter

Sample Knitting
-working on pattern-less fingerless mitts from two different types of yarn for Tara from The Dyeing Arts


  1. In re: baby blanket. I'd rotate the colors- it's the mixture of the colors that make log cabin blankets so cool looking.

  2. Just a thought, but if your Eunice socks are just short of fitting comfortably, why not rip back to where you started the toe and add a few plain rows and then start the toe? I've had to do that before and I was much much happier when all was said and done AND I got to keep the lovely socks I made :)

    I'm probably not much help on the Log Cabin Blanket though - I tend to just grab randomly at the yarn pile for things like that and enjoy the craziness that then ensues.

  3. I agree with Erica, why don't you just rip back and reknit? After all that work, it's seems like you'd want to enjoy them, especially since you seem a little hesitant at the thought of giving them away.

    Not sure I know what you are explaining with the rotating on the baby blanket, maybe next episode. But I think the wedge idea sounds good.

  4. I LOVE how your Blue Suede Shoes turned out... absolutely gorgeous!! I think it would look good if you rotated the colors on the baby blanket as well. Thanks for a great vidcast!

  5. Another vote for rotating the colors on the log cabin baby blanket. Same with the toe of your sock, I think ripping back and adding another inch or whatever you need for comfort would be better than not enjoying them or giving them away. I just had some handspun I was setting the twist in run - not fun. I lost several colors when the black ran. But your socks are still pretty.

  6. When I said teeny bit, I meant it. All I'd need is about 2 rows for it to feel really comfortable. They fit, but they're just >< that much too small (picture my fingers about a millimeter apart). I just don't feel it's worth the rip and re-knit time to add one or two rows.

  7. Another vote for rotating the color.s