Thursday, May 20, 2010

Episode 40 - The Siren's Song

Part One

Part Two

On the Needles
-Not a single stitch knit.

-Moderne Baby Blanket
-Got a few more garter ridges done, but I really need to get going on this

-Fling Socks
-2 inches done in pattern on leg of second sock

-Dishcloths for the Neighbors
-4th one is done!

-Shipwreck Shawl/The Siren's Song
-Just started the beading rows on US 8 (5.0 mm)
-Using the playing card method for bead placement from Eurekas on Ravelry

On the Wheel
-Plied up the 100% Australian wool from The Dyeing Arts in Tropical Fruit
-no idea on yardage
-came out a worsted weight 2-ply

-Issue with the Bee
-The screw holding the pitman in place came undone and was gouging the inside of the pitman guide. Thanks to having the proper tools (Thanks Dad!) I was able to fix it myself with a minimum of panic.

FO of the Week
-Rock and Weave by A. Karen Alfke
-first pair done in April 2006 for the first year of Rockin' Sock Club out of Fairgrounds
-second pair done February 2007
-STR mediumweight in Fairgrounds and Rocktober (not currently available.

-Estes Park Wool Market
-Only a month away!


  1. Morning Carin! Thanks for another fun webcast! I started watching last week, catching up fro the beginning and was uber excited to watch another great episode.

    I love your Shipwrecked Shawl! Can you tell us how you liked the bead spinner? There will be a vendor at MA Sheep and Wool next weekend with them and I'd love a review!

    It was great to see your FO of the week... again. ;) You showed the same socks not too long ago (and the safety pin trick). ;) More coffee for YOU!!!

  2. Shoot! I completely forgot that I'd already showed them!

  3. Turns out my almost two year old loves watching your vidcast with me. When you were holding up your shipwrecked shawl, he was holding up his picture that he was drawing for you to see. He especially liked your orange yarn. He's telling me that he wants to watch you again. Too cute. Thanks for entertaining him for 20 quiet minutes so I could drink my coffee this morning.

  4. Just found your webcast a couple days ago, and have already caught up. I was wondering about knitting socks on magic loop, is it more difficult than 4 dpns, and also how do I get started.