Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 39 - A Two-Parter

Part 1

Part 2

Tea from Upton Tea
-Vanilla Honeybush rooibos

On the Needles
-Leg, heel flap and heel turn are complete. Gusset is picked up and I'm ready to power down the foot.
-Wollmeise 100% in Die Auster on Signature dpns 2.75mm
-Eunice will be the next sock pattern for the KAL.

-Moderne Baby Blanket
-Two garter ridges complete on block 9
-Progress has been slowed down due to working on Glynis.
-Knitpicks Comfy Sport (Whisker, Seafoam, Marlin, Planetarium) on US 5 (3.75mm)

-Fling socks
-First one done! Second one started.
-Socks That Rock lightweight in ST-1 on US 2 (2.75 mm)
-Hermione's Everyday socks

-Dishcloths for the Neighbors
-#3 is complete and that puts me at the 25% mark!
-Peaches & Cream in Ecru on US 8 (5.0 mm)

-Shipwreck shawl
-Perchance to Knit laceweight, 50/50 silk/merino, in Midnight Rainbow/Harlot's Peacock
-Currently on US 4 (3.5 mm)
-Beads from Earthfaire (with amazing customer service!)
-Bead-a-Lon beadspinner
-Currently working on the Bleeding Heart lace section

On the Wheel
-Testdriving the Bee (which needs a name)
-Spun up 4 oz. 100% Australian wool from The Dyeing Arts in Tropical Fruit

FO of the Week
-Nottingham by Jacquelyn Landry
-size large, knit for a 42" bust
-used 6 skeins of Dream in Color Classy in Some Summer Sky

-Estes Park Wool Market, June 10-13

Everyone on the hunt for Bugga! or Skinny Bugga! needs to go over to The Sanguine Gryphon. They do weekly updates on Mondays!


  1. I like the long episodes! Also that blanket is looking good (and huge) - can't wait to see it done.

  2. I agree- long episodes are nice! I love what you've spun on the Bee(Be, B?!), very pretty!

  3. love to watch your episodes, love it when they are 'longer', but glad to have one each week.
    keep up the good work girl.

  4. So much fun to watch. Love the new yarn and just love to watch your projects come to life.
    Candis, Fl.

  5. I think the bee needs to be called Ophelia for a girl or Hamlet for a boy. That's my 2 cents :)

  6. you are a pusher. yesterday i ended out getting enough sock yarn for 9 pairs of my size and with the left overs enough for my kids to have a pair each. and sock innovation by cookie a. im addicted. its all your fault. lol.
    jori from OR