Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Episode 7 - Straying from the path

Part 1

Charlotte's Web is done!!

Coffee of the week is Cabin Coffee Co.'s Angel Whispers in medium roast
-I don't see the Angel Whispers flavor online, but I know I was able to buy it in the store a couple months ago.

Christmas knitting

Opal Rainforest Pfau (Peacock) in a plain vanilla sock
-I can't even find a place to get this anymore. It's from the Rainforest Collection II and Opal is currently on collection V right now.

Crochet hexagon pattern

BMFA STR in Shadow

Part 2

Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop Roving
I've got 5 discontinued colors. Help me pick one to spin!
-It Takes Two Baby
-Blue Suede Shoes
-Twist and Shout
-The Beat Goes On
Please vote in the comments to help me decide!

CJ Kopeck Creations


  1. Wow, that shawl is stunning! Soo huge!

    German pronounciation of "pf": just as it is written ;-) I cannot think of a similar sound in english...

    Geat idea for those flowers! Maybe you crochet all flowers first, and arrange them to control color distribution before adding the black trim?

    Spinning: my vote is for "Moondance" :-)

    Greets from Germany, Steffi

  2. I gotta vote for Blue Suede Shoes!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.
    I am really enjoying the show, Thank you!!

  3. The Charlotte's Web shawl turned out great!

    My vote is for Twist and Shout...

  4. Moondance is my favorite, but I would really love to see how Twist and Shout comes out, so that's my vote.

  5. Another vote for Twist and Shout

  6. Glad you are feeling better.

    I vote Blue Suede Shoes.

  7. I would be interested in what The Beat Goes On would come out with all that white in there.

  8. LOVE the Charlotte's. You should spin Twist and Shout next. And I need to get back to spinning myself

  9. Love the Charlotte's Web shawl must make one of my own!
    My vote is for it takes two baby.

  10. Twist and shout for sure.

    Charlotte's web = amazing. The socks, too.

    What do you have for a wheel?

  11. I love all the fiber!!! squee!!! I vote for twist and shout, it is so pretty.

    Your shawl is so gorgeous! I hope your mom doesn't try to steal it!

  12. Twist & Shout (I'm so original!)

  13. Crown Mountain's stuff is gorgeous! I vote for Twist and Shout

  14. Oh, all of the roving is so pretty!! I vote for The Beat Goes On, but I'm excited to see any of these spun up.

    BTW, I love that you also mention the metric size of your needles etc. - makes it so much easier to follow the details for this European over here... ;-)

    Have a great weekend!! :-)

  15. O.k. I looked up a link for German pronounciation but I can't link to it (there's a German-English dictionary at Pfau is like Stebo said the sound you make when you say pffft.

    And I vote for Twist and Shout. Please show us the singles!

  16. Twist and Shout! Yeah PURPLE! It sounds like you want to see how that one spins up. It's been fun to see as well as hear about your projects, thanks for all the effort. Sally

  17. The Beat Goes On. I'd love to see how that one spins up. My brain just doesn't work in a way that lets me predict how a roving is going to translate into yarn.

  18. Awww, am I the only one who wants you to spin up It Takes Two? It's so pretty!! I'm dying to see how it spins up...


  19. Love seeing your roving. Just beautiful. I've only seen it in pictures, and the video shows off the colors even better. I love the It Takes Two colorway! Please please please do that one!!

  20. I have found you a pronunciation of Pfau! Go here:

    and the voice is saying "der Pfau" -- "the Peacock". Maybe that will help you.

    As for roving, whatever the top one on the box was, I liked the colors there so I vote for that.

  21. Beautiful roving! All except for Moondance. You should definitely not spin Moondance. It is hideous and I would be happy to take it off your hands. Alright . . . to be completely honest, I think that you should spin Moondance. It is my favorite.

  22. My vote is for Twist & Shout first and Moondance second.

    I'd love it if you could show us you prepping and spinning up whichever one you choose. I don't spin but I'm really interested in learning and seeing makes things easier (for me at least).

    I love your idea for the leftovers w/black. I agree it should look lide stained glass. Are you thinking afghan or shawl?

  23. Gotta say~ Loving the videocast~ I watched your first episode awhile ago and was thrilled to find out that you are still continuing them! That is fantastic! :D

    I will comment here vereses at the episode 2 that you talked about it... best buy employees in the computer department do get a lot of flack of 'talking down to people'.... but believe it or not~ it totally goes both ways!!!

    I worked at Best Buy for 3 years... granted I live in Southern California, so it may be different else where... however, I knew of 2-3 girls that worked in the computer department... and when it came to helping customers... some jerky guy customers would SERIOUSLY not listen to anything the girl employees would say about their recommendations of say computer A... UNTIL another guyyyyy employee would agree to it.

    Crazy how we are already in 2009... computers have been around for over a decade... and yet girls knowing about computers is 'iffy'... so lame. But I am glad that this last Best Buy visit went well for you! :D There are always the lame employees in every store though too.

    - - -
    As for which colorway to spin~~~ I liked the It Takes Two Baby.... omg it is so pretty~ I wish I had a spinning wheel... I have a lovely drop spindle... but haven't figured out drafting it well into the spindle... so it is kinda just left in the lys bag hanging by my closet... one day I will get a spinning wheel... till then... *sigh* lol

  24. The shawl is to die for, you did a wonderful job! I have made a few pair of socks for my hubby out of the same shade in Patons, it washes well.

    I vote for Twist and Shout!

  25. I vote for Moondance. Thanks for doing this videocast. I watched all of them today. I would really like to see how roving spins up--kind of a before and after, because I'm a new spinner and it's just hard to imagine.

  26. I vote for The Beat Goes On, very interested to see how the colors blend with the white.

  27. Moondance first, please. Some nice royal purple to pick up your spirits and scotch the health ick.
    Might bits of all these colors become another Charlotte's Web?

  28. Twist and Shout, love, love, love the colors! What are you going to do with the yarn once it's spun?

  29. the crocheting around the hexagons in a black yarn actually does work -- do two rows of single crochet and you will get a stained glass effect of sorts.