Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Episode 5 - The two-parter!

Part 1

Part 1 shownotes

-Charlotte's Web-STR lightweight in Crabby McCrabbyPants, Sugarplums (not on the Blue Moon site right now), Faulty Dyer, Carbon Dating, Pepe le Plume (exclusive to Rockin' Sock Club until May 2010)
-Christmas knitting! (link to my rav profile)
-San Marco Coffee
-Holiday Yarns (formerly VanCalcar Acres)
-Vintage sock
-Kitri sock

....onward to Part 2!

Part 2 shownotes
-Green Mountain Spinnery
-3 AM Enchantments at etsy (shop update will be at the end of the month) and The Loopy Ewe


  1. Lovely!

    I am enjoying the videocast- being able to see the knitting as you're talking about it is a treat!

  2. Great episode(s)!! I'm also a sewer, and like you appreciate good seam finishing...those bags look very well constructed. Your shawl is looking gorgeous!

  3. I love your videocast, seeing you and your new yarn, knitting in progress, and finished objects. Thanks for doing them. I like to knit and watch. I'm generally knitting Socks for Soldiers for the Yahoo group. (30 pair and counting!)

  4. I love the vidcasts! I've just watched all of them between last night and today :)
    I have one of the 3am wrist straps, and I use it for my keys

  5. Great! Now my knitting podcasts are enabling my coffee habit!! Thanks to your recommendation of San Marco my pocketbook (and that of my sister) is a bit lighter tonight. B52, Pumpkin Spice, Cafe 89 and Chocolate Marshmallow are all heading my way.

  6. You look lovely in that color! I love this being a two parter, seeing your knitting and review is really interesting.

  7. Great works in Progress. I Love watching your videos

  8. Love the vidcast!! I've been so tempted to buy one of those bags and after seeing your review I had to do it!!