Saturday, August 22, 2009

show notes - episode 2

The new webcam!

Socks for Art (rav link)
-colorway at The Loopy Ewe

Queen of Beads (rav link)

Leyburn socks (rav link)
-County Clare at Blue Moon Fiber Arts

Bijou Basin Ranch
-yak/alpaca fiber

Holiday Yarns


  1. Yay for the new webcam - the sound is soooo much better now! And thanks for another great episode. I knitted an "Ice Queen" for my friend for Christmas and she loved it. The pattern is not complicated and I think I finished it in under a week.

  2. Great episode Carin, I'm glad the new webcam is working so well! Sounds was great too.

    I'd be interested if once you start spinning the Bijou Basin fiber if you can share what you are doing (ie: I am spinning at [blank] ratio and will be doing [this] ply) I have some alpaca blend that I feel might be similar.

    thanks for sharing!

  3. sorry about the above -- had a ridiculous typo!
    Anyway ... very nice idea to do this as a "video" -- keep it up!

  4. Very cool - thanks!

    I'm working on the toe-up socks from Deb too - the logic behind the math eludes me, but it works. :-)

    LeAnn (String-a-holic) in sunny Oregon, where the Thunderbirds jet team is performing over the house.