Thursday, July 12, 2012

Episode 145 - Happy/Sad

On the Needles
Tau Lepton socks
SSK socks

On the Wheel
Loop Bullseye Bump in Serious Spectrum

Various & Sundry
Wedding Stuff
-Haven't been to the post office yet this week to check and see if any more had come in. All the ones I've received are residing in a gallon Mason jar in my dining room and make me very happy!
-Free knitting pattern and another free knitting pattern written by group member wipinsanity
-Please tag your cupcake project page with cupcakes4carin
-Cupcakes can be mailed to:

Carin Boelman
P.O. Box 641669
Omaha, NE 68164

Memorial fund for Lisa, the mother half of Erin Lane Bags
-Her obituary

LynnZimm's Make-A-Wish fundraiser info with links to the donation website

Happy Birthday to my dad!!!

Come join the group on Ravelry, leave a comment or star rating on iTunes, find the shownotes on the blog, or get updates on Plurk!

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  1. for my wedding i had flowers that i made from die cut felt and buttons. my mother, mother in law and i made them. i love them and have them displayed in a beautiful vase in our house.

    My mum had silk flowers and still has them today. I think its fabulous that you are getting silk flowers for your wedding. Its something you get to keep for always.