Friday, May 11, 2012

Episode 138 - The Wedding Knitting Crazy Begins

On the Needles
Strange Moon
Tau Lepton socks
Ruby Slippers socks

FO of the Week
Presley Cash
Various & Sundry
SSK roommate pairings
-I'm working on it!

Wedding Stuff
-We're meeting with the DJ next week and have our engagement pictures scheduled for the week after that.

-Craziness with the wedding knitting
 -Knitting Tiny Bride & Groom x2 from Teeny-Tiny Mochimochi plus the wedding party
 -Want to help out? I've got the crazy notion to knit hunders of the Tiny Cupcakes to use as favors/decorations on the tables at the reception.
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  1. Love the idea of knitting something for your wedding!
    Please let us (me) do it!

  2. I would LOVE to contribute tiny cupcakes for your wedding! I've been looking for an excuse to make things out of that book for a while ;)

  3. Another idea is to make one or two cupcakes per table and then one person from the table can win them somehow...

  4. I would love to try to make several cupcakes. What colors would you like? How about red and off-white?

  5. Tiny cupcake coming your way. :0)

  6. Not to make you crazy with trying to please everyone but honestly your sound quality is and has been fine! We love you the way you are and if you top out the mic when recording - who cares!! Please go back to being yourself, I'd much rather have an excited bouncy Carin :D
    Also - cupcakes? It's on like Donkey Kong. ♥