Thursday, December 29, 2011

Episode 122 - Wrapping Up 2011

On the Needles
I Need a Win sweater
-Which buttons do you think I should use?

Various & Sundry
-Mom loved her handspun and has already started a secret project!
-I got a Namaste Hermosa, The Sweater Workbook 2012 calendar, the pattern for Moonstruck, and enough BMFA Gaea in Strange Brew to make it!

2011 Goals
-Knit 8 miles of yarn (I knit 8.86)
-Finish Aztec Mazes sweater (frogged it)
-Finish Kauni (it was *well* done!)
-Finish processing, spinning, and knitting Millie's fleece into Traveling Sweater for Rhinebeck (I do not know this Millie of which you speak.)

Next week I'll have my goals for 2012!
-Any suggestions?

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  1. Have you ever thought of giving Febe a Sister. She might need another dog around. I know I did this for my spoiled chihuchua Itsy and it has helped a great deal and not much more work than 1 dog.

  2. The Lilly Pad buttons are super cool I would order more...Sorry about spelling in last post. I need coffee!

  3. Happy New Year Carin! Another wonderful show.

    I agree with you, the first buttons are meant to be on your gorgeous sweater.


  4. I love the lily pad buttons. None of the other ones pop as much.If you can't get more from the Button Emporium, they are available at They have the 7/8" and 1 1/2".

  5. I like the lily pad ones best, but the scroll abaloneish ones are also really nice if you can't get more lily pads.

  6. I love the 1st ones best- however if you cant get them.. the clocks are awesome!

  7. I have always wondered why Phoebe isn't in another room in the house. I remember when she was outside the door barking, but is there a problem with putting her inside another room? It's not a problem for me, I've just always been curious.

  8. Sibyl, Phoebe isn't in another room because my home has a floorplan where there aren't many doors. I've tried having her in her kennel, but she can hear my voice and continues to bark and be generally annoying.

  9. Love your show! I like the lily pad ones the best, too, but also think the scroll ones would work nicely.

  10. Lily pads, definitely. It looks great!