Thursday, April 21, 2011

Episode 88 - Visible Progress

On the Needles

On the Wheel
Yarn Love
-100% superwash merino roving in Sock Star (stash from Sock Summit '09)
-Navajo-plied on Grace (my Lendrum) at 19:1 ratio
-~567 yards, 121 grams
-20-22 WPI, light fingering weight
-Already cast on a Lacy Baktus scarf

-Kind of unsure what to spin next, although I know I should start spinning Millie's fleece

Various & Sundry
Estes Wool Market
-Sent in my registration for the steeking class

Sock Summit 2011
-Teachers, class descriptions, and the vendor list is up on the website

Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber
-Club shipment came this week
-The colors aren't something I would have chosen, but I love that about yarn clubs!

Bag from Jessalu
-Dr Who Tardis project bag
-I spent way too much time looking at fabrics on Spoonflower after seeing all the cute/geeky fabrics on her store

Mom's Surgery Update
-Mom got the staples out of her knee this week and has had her first physical therapy session!

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  1. I think we can keep you on it!

  2. All this Doctor Who talk made me watch the new episode Saturday night. I love it!! Now to watch seasons 1-5 to catch up with this series.

  3. Seems to be currently sold-out, but I won't quit until I have my own Tardis bag, or two! I've been watching Dr. Who since the 1960's. Thanks for the link! from Racedogmom

  4. Hi! Jessalu mentioned your blog to me. I really love her bags and am so glad you like the TARDIS design. As you mentioned there are loads of sci-fi, gaming, and geek designs over at Spoonflower. I'm not the only person doing Whovian designs, either!