Thursday, February 17, 2011

Episode 79 - Crazy Canine in 3 Takes

On the Needles
Mom's Shipwreck
Cattywampus Hearts
Round the Twist socks

On the Wheel
Sparkle Batts from Textiles a Mano
-I'm done spinning the singles and will be plying this weekend!

Various & Sundry
Revolution stitchmarkers from Rycrafty
-The geeky significance of a license plate reading WOLF359 had 2 answers. The Star Trek reference to the Battle of Wolf 359 was one answer. The astronomy geek answer was that Wolf 359 is an actual red dwarf star in the constellation of Leo.
-Random winner was comment #47, ChristyCrystalHaley! Either PM me on Ravelry (user name alcariel) or email me at alcariel23 (at) gmail (dot) com.

I cut my hair!

Next up on the needles will be a Sockhead Hat in STR LW in Nyame for a co-worker battling cervical cancer.

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  1. Love the hair. Chemo hats are so important!

  2. I like the haircut. Yay for finishing the spinning of the sparkle batts. Plying will be faster. :)

    I sympathize with you about sassy little dogs. My guy can be so hyper sometimes. Pooh barked back at Phoebe when he heard her yip. lol I think she has a fan.

  3. I just love your podcast and have learned so much. I was wondering how you are liking your signature needles? I have not done much knitting with circulars and was wondering what size length I should start with? I realize it depends on the project but if you were going to buy your first pair. Do you find that you use one length in particular? Did you buy your new signatures with just socks in mind? Just need a little advice. They are expensive so I guess what I'm saying is I want the best bang for my buck! Thanks. Love the haircut!

  4. Glad to hear you are just about done with the sparkle batts... that made me laugh out loud when you scolded everyone for voting for them! :-)
    I love the haircut by the way!!!