Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Episode 12 - the UFO has landed!

Not a lot of knitting got done this week, due to a letterboxing gathering. It's hard to knit while scrambling up and down muddy trails and into ravines looking for tupperware hidden in the woods.

On the Needles
-Peacock sock
-Opal Rainforest II in Pfau
-Dad's Christmas present
-past the gusset of 2nd sock!
-Paton's Kroy Sock in Gentry Grey
-Mom's Christmas Present
-no progress from last week

On the Wheel
-CMF superwash merino in Twist & Shout
-halfway done with second bobbin

UFO! of the week
-Patterns for Guernseys, Jerseys & Arans by Gladys Thompson
-started January 2003
-had to learn an invisible cast-on and how to cable for this project
-Cascade Lana d'Oro in color 203 (which doesn't seem to be offered anymore...color 1040 is the closest)
-US 7 (4.5 mm) needles


  1. NO! Don't rip it out. After all of that work and considering that you don't like the color for you, I would bind off and turn it into a throw pillow. Such beautiful work.

  2. rip it! It is soooo freeing. I once finished a 2-tone sweater made in Lion Brand Thick & Quick UFO just to say I finished it.....and then within minutes ripped it out. yep, I'm a freak :-)

  3. just frame it, it's pretty, would look great in a chunky walnut frame :D

  4. Don't rip it! I like the throw cushion idea or you could cut a whole in a nice blanket and sew it in. Or just frame it, looks amazing!

  5. Yeah- 3 months..crazy...crazy it took me that long to find your videocast! I've watched all episodes now and I really am hooked now and hope you will continue recording! I also like the idea of making a pillow of your ufo. Or a bag maybe? I don't really have ufos, but I have very unflattering sweaters with no shaping or proportions and don't want to rip them or donate them because of stupid sentimental reasons. BTW, I also made Pfau-socks (two years ago, for my nephew) and am just making "doctorfish" ones. Greetings from Austria, thanks for the great videos!

  6. OOh that is a really good idea posted above about making it into a pillow. Could just do some simple stockinette or something for the back side. Or seam the top and bottom together and make it into one of those tube-shaped neck roll pillows or something. BUT if you do rip it out, make sure you take some really nice photos of it first so you can remember what a beautiful job you did! Loved the episode as always! =)

  7. I'm gonna say turn it into a throw pillow as well, it's absolutely beautiful Carin.

  8. My oldest UFO is a cabled sleeveless top from Vogue summer 2002 - the cover pattern. I finished the back, and 3/4 of the front... and then I stopped. This is 7 years ago, so I have no idea why, but we were moving boxes in the basement recently and there it was.

    It will be frogged, and I may or may not re-use the yarn - I have no idea what it was (no labels left), but I think it's a microfibre.

    And I support the above suggestions to turn it into a pillow - you did the work, you don't seem fond of the colour for a garment for yourself, so a pillow would be useful.

  9. Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! It's a cushion cover. Don't rip it out! Just don't!

  10. I agree with Kat that is should be framed. IT will annoy the crap out of you when you see it, but it will be a great conversational piece!